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Innovative and creative designs for contract spaces.
Versatile, long-lasting, eco-friendly and with antibacterial properties

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Contract furniture

Innovation through its design and qualities

Specially made for shared spaces, the Bõln collections have been carefully designed to create all sorts of environments. It is astonishing how many different styles and settings you can create with its unique and suggestive design: from fun, informal spaces to serious, architectural environments.

Bõln collections have been created to inspire and stimulate the creative design of shared spaces. Versatile proposals with multiple options for different arrangements and a great performance, produced under eco-friendly and health standards.


Versatile design

For neutral, colorful, static or changeable environments… the Bõln collections have been designed to blend smoothly into a wide range of settings and styles.


Hard and soft texture

This may seem contradictory, but it’s not. The robust and compact material used for Bõln designs is in fact soft, pliable and comfortable.


Customizable collections

They can be made in specific shades on demand. And with their accessories, you can create flexible and functional projects with stylish details.


Resilient and long-lasting

Bõln designs are made with Flexyskin, our own technology based on polyurethane foam for outdoor furniture that will withstand heavy use.


For inside and outside

Given their properties, Bõln products are highly efficient outdoors. But they have been designed to also fit indoors.


Infinite settings

For communal residential areas, hotels or shopping malls, offices, airports, sports centers, stores, waiting rooms and restaurants.


Natural and sustainable

The material used to make the Bõln collections comes from green waste. Our unique Flexyskin method, developed to manufacture the furniture, cuts down the amount of material used by up to 70% compared to other similar processes. Power consumption is also lower as the molds allow us to produce it at a low temperature. Polyurethane foam is a recyclable and light material that leaves a smaller carbon footprint.


Easy to clean and safe

One of the most desirable features of furniture in shared spaces is that it can be cleaned regularly, but this has become even more important since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bõln is already living up to this demand. The seamless, fluid and organic design of our collections makes it easier to clean them regularly. Also, the furniture surfaces have antifungal and antibacterial properties certified by the JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196) standard.

With the support of a consolidated industry

Bõln is a new brand of furniture designed for contract spaces and its collections are produced with the support of Poliuretanos Rivas, an industrial company that has been specializing in injected polyurethane foam for over 40 years. The company’s strong history is the best endorsement for Bõln given their experience in developing industrial equipment for the automotive, hotel and healthcare industries, among others. Also, their company is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly and local development and that is why they keep all their production in Spain.